Fully Enrich provides a wide variety of Nutrition and Health Coaching services:Fully Enrich provides a wide variety of Nutrition and Health Coaching services:

Health coaching

  • Healthy eating packages for busy professionals (Standard and Gold).
  • Healthy eating awareness workshops/ trainings.
  • Tailor made health and nutrition programs for individuals, groups and corporates.
  • Health coaching/ behavioral changes seminars for nutritionists.
  • Healthy lifestyle tips at staff and managerial levels.
  • Meal plan reviews and recommendations for optimal health and happiness at different stages of life.
  • Group coaching (Seminars and workshops).

Nutrition consultation

  • Diet plans for patients with various health ailments.
  • Weight management meal plans and eating guides.
  • Mastering behavioral skills and strengthening daily habits to promote health and happiness.
  • Sports nutrition meal plans from African foods.

Family consultancy

  • Cooking classes and shopping (Nutrient retention, food labelling and shopping lists compilations).
  • Pantry makeovers and child development foods.
  • Motivational mentoring sessions for family members to eat healthy.

Please note all sessions offer:

  • Nationwide and international online coverage.
  • Services out of normal working hours is available on request.
  • Excellence in all trainings conducted and seminars with latest and most recent health and nutrition coaching techniques.
  • In person or online for convenience and ease of use by you, our valued clients.