These packages are based on different hotel residents, which are all inclusive of: Nutrition tips, Diet/ Meal plans formulation, Complete Nutritional evaluation and Health assessment.

For pampering and Spa treatment:

  • Beauty and Detox your way.
  • Anti Aging and Detox package for those above 50.

Gym members or Fitness conscious:

  • Lose weight, tone up and Be fit once again.
  • Be fit and Eat your way to a healthy you.


  • Healthy families are the happiest
  • Meal planning and healthy eating everyday.

Corporates or Companies:

  • Increased productivity starts with what you E.A.T.
  • Reduce absenteeism and improve employee performance with 1 simple step..

Busy professionals or Mangers:

  • Balance your Family, Health and Work life in 1 step.
  • Stress less and be happy, starting Today.

Residents in general:

  • Health and Wellness talk before and/or after gym (at specified times)
  • Cohost with Fitness instructors or Zumba dancers (During peak days)