Fully Enrich is a Sole Proprietor, registered in December 2016. Which started out of the desire to become part of the solution in reducing chronic diseases because of poor eating habits, behavioural changes and limited knowledge on healthy eating using African and locally available foods. We aim to improve current health and nutrition services by using the most up to date coaching techniques and behavioural changes trainings. Coaching has proven to be the most effective and cheapest way to instill behavioral changes in long-term prevention and management of chronic diseases. One that Fully Enrich uses by combining the science or nutrition and art of behavioral changes towards a healthy lifestyle.


Fully Enrich has the support from Ministry of health, Global Health Coaches (For Sustainable Development), Institute for Integrative Nutrition, top nutrition and health coaching schools globally, with years’ experience in the coaching sector. We also have academia from Masvingo Tertiary universities in conducting nutrition researches, with a collaboration from Ministry of Health and Childcare. Fully Enrich has support from Zimbabwe Nutritionists Association, Entrepreneurship academy (Women Empowerment programs), Medical practitioners and Pharmaceutical healthcare providers towards bio individualistic health and nutrition coaching as a preventative, curative, yet affordable approach.


Fully Enrich will become the first point of reference for health and weight management solutions using African foods, combined with coaching in Zimbabwe and globally.


Fully Enrich as a one stop Consultancy will develop and constantly be innovative, to provide support, motivation and inspiration to our customers using African foods:  

  • Provide delicious weight management meal plans equip patients with best diet plans knowledge.
  • Support and walk with you on your journey using simple and highly effective coaching services at an affordable price.
  • Empower you to enjoy a healthy eating and living lifestyle, to be at your happiest.

Trade references list

Health Awareness Talks

ECONET National Blood Services Zimbabwe Pharmaceutical
Society Zimbabwe
ZIMRABonvie medical aid The Rose Café
NSSAFirst mutual medical aid New Start Centre
First Capital Bank Jabula Health Covenant Y-Connect
OWSD Zim National ChapterJCI Capital Live laugh love ladies club

Health Coaching Training

Adult obesity & overweight management Gout Childhood ObesityAdolescent obesity
Hypertension AnorexiaArthritis Insomnia
HIV management Diabetes Malnutrition

Other coaching materials:

Diabetics and Hypertension Wellness Management (Wellnescript)

  • Diabetic diet plan (Brochure) -Glenmark pharmaceuticals
  • Cancer diet plan (Flyer) – Vita Oncology
  • Immunity boost 10 day challenge – Online
  • 30, 90 days weight loss and flat belly programs.