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An excellence driven leader, team player and self-motivated Registered Nutritionist, Certified Health Coach, active member of various nutrition and health coaching associations. With over 10 years’ experience, she has created and lead over 150 health-coaching programs for long-term behavioral changes, while promoting locally available and affordable meal plans. For various organizations in Non-Communicable disease programs: Obesity, Weight loss, Hypertension and Diabetes to name a few. She has worked with National Blood Services Zimbabwe, Banks, Glenmark pharmaceutical companies, Medical health care practitioners, Ministry of Health and childcare, Tertiary universities, Econet, ZIMRA, Gyms and families.

She is an active member of Scaling up Nutrition, Zimbabwe Nutritionists Association, Organization for Women in Science for the developing world (OWSD), Zimbabwe Food Bio fortification,  Great Zimbabwe University Nutrition Research team, Zimbabwe Nutrition Association, Global Health coaches Association and Dietetics and Nutritionists council to name a few.


Health Coaching

  • Healthy eating packages for busy professionals (Standard and Gold).
  • Healthy eating awareness workshops/ trainings.

  • Tailor made health and nutrition programs for individuals, groups and corporates.

Nutrition Consultation

  • Diet plans for patients with various health ailments.

  • Weight management meal plans and eating guides.

Family Consultancy

  • Cooking classes and shopping (Nutrient retention, food labelling and shopping lists compilations).

  • Motivational mentoring sessions for family members to eat healthy.

  • Pantry makeovers and child development foods.
Rumbidzai Mukori

Health and wellness coach

Wellness coaching is taking Tourism Industry internationally by storm, with more hotels, lodges, resorts and holiday spots incorporating this for residents as a group or one on one. Research shows that coaching, not only helps one relax, become happier, stress less, improve health and overall physique. It is a great way, to ensure that the experience every resident who walks into your doors wants, a time to relax, unwind, be pampered, refresh and just enjoy some fresh air away from all the stresses or busy schedules. Why not give them, an experience that they will never forget, by meeting their exact needs above the expected or normal Zimbabwean standards ?

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Certified Health Coach

The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York City 

Professional Training and Certification Program

Registered Nutritionist Education

Midlands State University, Gweru, Zimbabwe

Food Science and Nutrition (Hons)

Certification Programs (Online)

Shaw Academy


Diet and Weight loss management

Fitness and Sports Nutrition

Other Experience

Presentations for Econet Wellness Event.

Summer Beach Body webinars (online)

One on one sessions- Executives, Managers (Great Zimbabwe University)

Health Consultations and Nutrition Talks- Hevoi Radio Station + Mirror newspaper articles

Nutrition and Fitness talks – Eland Sports Academy

Publications Holistic Health Articles and Newsletters

Mirror Newspaper, Facebook blogs and EBD News (South Africa)


These packages are based on different hotel residents, which are all inclusive of: Nutrition tips, Diet/ Meal plans formulation, Complete Nutritional evaluation and Health assessment.