Coach Rumbi
Health & Fitness coach

A Health and wellness Coach with years’ experience in the Wellness, Nutrition and Health sector. I work with my clients to ensure that they are happier and healthier, using simple and easy to follow packages that will forever change the way you see Health, from the Tourism and Hospitality Industry spreading out.

Our Services

Motivational mentoring sessions for family members to eat healthy.

Weight management meal plans and eating guides.


Healthy eating packages for busy professionals (Standard and Gold).

Pantry makeovers and child development foods.

healthy & delicious
recipe ideas for You

Find trusted recipes for eating healthy: start the day with a wholesome breakfast, cut the carbs or calories, find the perfect main dish for your special diet.

Raisins & Chicken salad

Lemony dressing


Spinach Salad

Simply contact us on the following numbers, available on Whatsapp.

Meet our Team

What Our Clients Say

"I started working with Rumbie in 2019 and the results were tremendous. The benefits are still ongoing. I got meal plans ideal for me, my pocket and my busy schedule being a lawyer, married with 2 toddlers. I am a sucker at dieting so l got to eat healthy food, exercise and lead a healthy lifestyle without the hazards and stresses of dieting. I fully recommend Fully Enrich. Thank you Rumbie."
Angelina Vive

We believe in affordable specialty healthcare for all.

You can contact us and make an appointment, meet our professional team members for assistance.


Cnr 7th and Samora Machel
Wimbledon Flats, Harare


Local: (263) 775 923 563
            (263) 716 936 098



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